Velvet voiced cabaret siren

James Lee, (Review of Double R Club, London Wonderground 2014)

“Torch singer Em Brulée brings a moment of vulnerable beauty, pouring out her heart with every syllable, ending with a version Sycamore Trees – a song written by Lynch himself. It is a poignant contrast to the rest of the show, and yet as she stands alone in a dark room the sense of menace is ever present.

Fozia Bano, National Media Museum

“When organising exhibition launches at the museum we are always keen to have unique performances complimenting the exhibitions in the gallery spaces. Em Brulée most certainly fits this criteria and enhanced the evening with her soulful sounds and amazing performance. Every detail is spot on from the choice of music right through to the sparkly glitter lipstick ensuring that not only is Em a treat for the ears but the eyes too!”

John Kelly, Organiser of the SEEN Magazine Awards

“LOVED Em Brulee! A delight to work with, Em presented the Seen Media Awards 2011 and 2012 for me in Liverpool & I have to say that her enthusiasm, professionalism & energy was a tonic – she held the audience brilliantly and rocked the place when she opened her vocal chords. I will definitely be booking Em for my next gig – a true star… a joy to work with. Thank you!”

Benjamin Till, composer of the BBC’s Symphony for Yorkshire

“Em Brulée is fabulous! She is a glamorous, talented, energetic, sequin covered ball of joy with one of the best attitudes in the business. She has a belter of a voice and extraordinary stage presence. She was one of the stand out performers in the BBC Symphony for Yorkshire and I feel privileged to have met her”

Rose & Ben, The Double R Club, London

“Em Brulée has the kind of voice and stage presence that gives an audience shivers. In particular her a cappella rendition of ‘Sycamore Trees’ gave us all goosebumps! We’d happily work with her again, a stunning and heartily recommended perfomer.”

Diva HollyWood, international burlesque artiste

“When Em Brulée sings she sends shivers down your spine.  With each song she takes you on wondrous journeys where you fall in love, have your heart broken or stand tall and rule the world. Why this woman is not selling albums worldwide I will never know.”

Tom Attah, Bluesman extraordinaire

“Hot, creamy, full-bodied and with a voice as smooth as honeyed chocolate. Em Brulée adds va-va-voom and BANG to any evening!”

Daisy De Luxe, Coquette

“Em Brulée has been resident singer and compere at Coquette Burlesque & Cabaret Club, York, since 2008. Em combines an amazing voice with fantastic stage presence and a great rapport with the audience – in fact she has many fans who now attend the event especially to see her! We would not hesitate to recommend this sparkly, talented, fabulous lady, but remember, we saw her first!”

Dr Sid, Jazz and Blues DJ and connoisseur

“Em Brulée is always a pleasure to work with. Considerate, professional and always a joy to behold. Oh, and her voice isn’t bad either!”

Cecilia Rouge, Leeds Burlesque

“I have worked with Em Brulée on several occasions now and she never disappoints! A complete professional both on and off stage, she brings the audience to their knees every time with her powerful and so sexy voice! I rarely ever see an audience respond to a singer in the way they respond to Em! I have utter confidence in booking her for a show, I know she will behave professionally, get along with everyone and stun a crowd! A total must for any event!”

Bella Besame, top national burlesque impresario and UK star

“Em Brulée is a joy, not only on stage where she wins over every audience I’ve ever seen her perform for, but also off stage. She’s professional, accommodating, talented, friendly and I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Daisy Cutter Burlesque

“Em Brulée has THE most amazing voice! She is as funny and witty a compère as she is a scintillating chanteuse, setting the stage ablaze with her presence. A pleasure to work with as a performer as well as a promoter.”

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