Velvet voiced cabaret siren

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19 April 2019
Private Party, Birmingham

16 May 2019
Double R Club, Bethnal Green WMC, London

24 May 2019
The Lantern, Halifax with Galaxians

1st June 2019
Inner City Electronic Festival, Leeds

22nd June 2019
JuJu’s Cafe, Birmingham

5th July
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

13th July
Beatherder Festival

18th July
Ashes to Ashes, London

20th July
Tramlines Festival, Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

26-28th July
Kendal Calling TBC

17th August 2019
Private Party, London

Friday 24th August 2019
Socialist Club, Dewsbury

Friday 30th August 2019
Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

Friday 31st August 2019
Arts event, Wakefield

5th and 6th October 2019
Twin Peaks Festival, Stoke Newington Town Hall, London

1st November 2019
Yellow Arch, Sheffield

21st November 2019
Double R Club, Bethnal Green WMC, London

31st December 2019
Burlesque Show, Hull

7th May 2020
Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds with Galaxians

1st August 2020
Private Party, London


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